WEG Verwaltung
HOA Adminstration.

Would you like to learn more about HOA's? We provide technical and business expertise for HOA and property management. We have summarized information for you:

Regine Rausch

Regine Rausch

Hi, my name is Regine Rausch and I am a certified (IHK) property manager. I am happy to assist you.

Property Management

We manage rental properties for owners and maximize satisfaction of both renters and landlord.

Angelika Pohl

Angelika Pohl

Hi, my name is Angelika Pohl. I have many years of experience in book-keeping and experience with HOA accounting.


Commercial Property Management

At the interface between property owners and commercial renters, we provide optimal commercial property management services.

Erwin Schütfort

Erwin Schütfort

Hi, my name is Erwin Schütfort and I a certified property manager. We hope we can provide some useful information for you.


The New HOA Law is here (German WEG Reform).

HOA Law: (Wohnungseigentumsmodernisierungsgesetz – WEMoG).

On te first of December 2020 a new law regarding HOA's in Germany becomes valid.

  1. Modernization and Renewal are becoming easier.
  2. Mandatory Certified Property Managers instead of registratration for professionals.
  3. HOA becomes foundation for Property Manager
  4. More Competences for the Property Manager
  5. Power of Attorney for the Property Manager
  6. Annual Meetings and Quorum are simplified.
  7. Protocols of Decisions are maintained.
  8. Right to View Administrative Records
  9. Flexible Decisionmaking about costs
  10. Association Committee to become more flexible
  11. Simplified Recall of Administrators
  12. HOA is legal party in disputes.
  13. Liability reduction for Property Managers
  14. Registration of changes in the HOA Bylaws
  15. HOA's in formation
  16. Extension of individual real estate property rights.
  17. Subject and content of annual reports.
  18. Disposition of the Real Estate Property
  19. No Competence of The HOA on Penalties
  20. Harminization of rental and ownership laws.

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